Real Estate Brokerage

Hudson Commercial, LLC has been serving commercial real estate customers since 1981. We work hard to exceed your expectations. Whether you're a Buyer, Seller, Tenant, or Landlord, Hudson Commercial, LLC can handle all of your commercial real estate needs.

Investment Properties

The objective of the Investment real Estate side of Hudson Commercial is to help clients diversify their investment portfolio through real estate and that service is unmatched by other commercial real estate brokerages in Chattanooga.

Property Management

Through many years of hands-on property management, Hudson Commercial, LLC has mastered efficient operations, tenant retention, and property desirability.

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Chattanooga Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Hudson Commercial, LLC brings years of expertise to the commercial real estate market in Chattanooga. In addition to site selection, sales, leasing and investment real estate, Hudson Commercial delivers comprehensive property management service, offering clients professionalism in all phases of commercial real estate in Chattanooga.

The success of Hudson Commercial, LLC is attributed to its team of professionals who know the commercial real estate business in Chattanooga, know the region and market, and understand business needs. With its experience, knowledge and professionalism, Hudson Commercial, LLC has maintained its long-standing reputation for successful partnerships with clients and the community, and is constantly reinforced through networking, excellent representation and confident negotiation.

We welcome your interest and invite you to take a closer look.